What we do

The first step to successful learning is creating an environment that is safe and secure, and has the appropriate educational resources that allow children to play, learn and develop.

In rural Eastern Cape ECD centres operate in informal spaces with facilities that are run-down, sparsely equipped and lack even the basics.


Our Process

We begin by supplying a resource kit of toys, books, stationery and other educational resources. As the relationship develops we move on to smaller infrastructure projects, doing vital maintenance on the building and furnishing the space.

Once we are certain there is a solid basis for taking the next step, we tackle bigger projects such as making sure the essentials such as toilets, kitchens and outdoor playgrounds are in place.




Why Early Childhood Development?

In the first years, when the body and brain are rapidly developing, the foundation for all future learning is laid.

When a child enters school, any learning gaps only grow and become more unyielding, making it harder and harder to catch up on at increasing cost.


Creating a better future for our children

Currently however, this stage of a child’s life in South Africa is the most under-funded and more than half of children enter school not on track with important learning milestones. We want to change this and create a better future for South Africa’s children.