Africa Run

Samara has joined the annual Africa Run fundraiser for the last few years and in 2019 put forward Ekuphumleni High School in Whittlesea, who became the recipient school for that year.

R1,8 million was raised to invest into the school and though the pandemic delayed the implementation, various projects were able to be realized and the most significant one, the addition of two new classroom blocks, was concluded in 2022.


Ekuphumleni High School

Ekuphumleni is a school that doesn’t allow its circumstances to hold it back and consistently produces high results. However, like many rural schools in South Africa, they have to deal with over- crowding, run-down equipment and students that come from difficult circumstances.

With the money raised from Africa Run and additional donors that came on board, six new classrooms have been built, the school’s water security was improved and educational resources and equipment were bought for their Science and Hospitality classes.

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